Our Core Members

Genki Minamisawa

I lived in the US for 6 years since 2013 for my research and I was part of a Christian group called International Fellowship (IF). Their mission was to encourage Christians and non-Christians from around the world by the word of God, and I had the privilege to lead the bible study there. It was my great pleasure to meet people from various backgrounds and to study the word of God with them.

I also attended a multi-national, multi-cultural, and multi-economical church. I served in the hosting team and many people told me that they felt very warmly welcomed by me, which made me realize that I feel great joy when I’m able to make someone feel welcomed and comfortable.  

In Tokyo, there are many young people who came from suburbs as well as foreign Christians. I would like to welcom them at the center of Tokyo and send them out one day.

Emi Hirunuma

I’m working as a nurse at a hospital in Tokyo. I like my job and I wanna be good at what I do, but there are always tasks to do and I feel my heart is often affected by the reputations from others. when I was struggling with those negative feelings God had told me “You are my beloved. I want you to live more freely and lively just the way I’ve created you.” I’m alive because of God’s abundance of love and forgiveness, and that’s what keeps me going everyday.

 I hope we can encourage people, who are living and working in Tokyo, to put our faith in God and fix our eyes on Him as we share our everyday struggles with one another.

Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pastures. Psalm 37:3

Mitsumi Minamisawa

My husband and I were asked to join TCC as core-members about a half year prior to the official establishment of TCC. There were two challenges I faced as I made the decision; 1) I didn’t know who would be the member of the new church, and 2) my dad would be the pastor of the church. However, as I prayed through my struggles to God, He gave my 2 verses as an answer.

  1. 1st Chronicles 16:18-18
    The members of TCC was only a few in the beginning, and I feel like I’m just a temporary resident (tiny presence) in such big city, Tokyo. I could resonate with how  the Israelites must have felt like in the Chronicles. However, their circumstance didn’t stop them from praising God. Their attitude made me think what I’m expected by God to do in Tokyo is simply to praise God continuously and to pray for people in Tokyo so that they can meet with God one day.
  2. Luke 9: 23-26
    My dad was chosen by God to lead TCC as a pastor, and if I didn’t join TCC because of this reason then it must be “out of my flesh”. I sincerely hoped to follow God’s will but not my own will, and I finally felt at peace about joining TCC.

I’m excited for what God will be doing in and through TCC. Praise be to our loving and almighty God.